Chopped Cheese

Riverland has brought one of New York’s current culinary crazes to Melbourne – the chopped cheese sandwich.

This juicy, greasy, delicious sandwich is going to electrify the taste buds of Melburnians obsessed with sandwiches heaped full of warm, savoury fillings and burger lovers looking for the next big thing.

The chopped cheese sandwich, also known as the chop cheese, has its roots in bodegas in Harlem and the Bronx and it’s become New York hipster food of the highest order. Rumour has it that in the beginning it may have been an attempt at a Philly Cheese Steak without the right ingredients, or the result of a creative flurry from an inebriated chef.

The original recipe consists of a combination of chopped ground beef, American cheese and condiments, piled in a “hero”, which is basically a roll that requires a heroic effort to eat.

“It’s hands down the greatest sandwich you will ever eat,” says Riverland Group Chef Egor Rodichkin.

Riverland’s version consists of ground wagyu beef from Sevens Creek Wagyu chopped on the flat grill with shallots, covered with delicious, gooey melted American cheese and folded into a crusty banh mi roll with crispy iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes and condiments.

“We’ve kept the traditional recipe with just a couple of tweaks,” says Rodichkin. “The meat’s usually a cheap ground beef and the roll a sub,” added Rodichkin. “We wanted to give it a touch of class by using the incredibly rich flavoured MSA 9+ wagyu from Sevens Creek and making the banh mi our ‘hero’.”

The key to the deliciousness of this illustrious sandwich is the use of premium wagyu. “Our wagyu tastes the way it does and scores the highest marble ratings because of our commitment to high level genetics and raising our cattle in an ethical environment,” says Chris McGregor, owner of Sevens Creek Wagyu.

“This sandwich is a wonderful showcase for our wagyu’” added McGregor. “It’s completely indulgent high-end comfort food and the smell coming from the Riverland BBQ hotplate will be like a calling to sandwich and burger lovers across Melbourne.”

The chopped cheese sandwich is $15 and available exclusively at Riverland from Friday 17th February from midday until late.