Dry July

Don’t miss out on a thing this Dry July with our epic non alcoholic cocktail, beer and wine list.


Maple Milo 12 

Milo, maple, oat milk, cream, chocolate, marshmallow 

Booze-Free Biscoff 12 

Biscoff vanilla, oat milk, cream, salted caramel 

Mulled Wineless 12 

Mulling spices, alcohol-free wine 



Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz 12 

Rhubarb, peach, melon 

Passionfruit Spritz 12 

Passionfruit, pineapple, vanilla 

Morello Cherry Highball 12 

Morello Cherry, lime, lemonade 

Strawberry Gum & Raspberry Margarita 14 

Lyre’s agave blanco, strawberry gum, raspberry, lime, agave 

Marmalade Smash 14 

Lyre’s american malt & orange sec, marmalade, lemon 

Espresso Martini 14 

Lyre’s white cane & coffee originale, cold drip coffee 

Tommy’s Margarita 14 

Lyre’s agave blanco, agave, lime 

Negroni 14 

Lyre’s dry london, italian orange, & rosso 



Heaps Normal Lager 10 

Heaps Normal Hazy Pale Ale 10 

Big Drop Milk Stout 10 



Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio 12/20/50 

Plus & Minus Shiraz 12/20/50